Chechil Beer Snack (1 lbs)

Chechil Beer Snack (1 lbs)


Chechil is a smoked, braided, string-cheese beer snack. There are 2 pieces per pound.


Chechil is a smoked, braided, salty, string-cheese beer snack that is enjoyed by beer drinkers and enthusiasts across the globe. Chechil is made from pasteurized cow milk and is low in fat. It’s taste is salty, very chewy, and with a smoky flavor to it. Its consistency is firm and smooth.

The cheese strings are tied together in braids, and when un-braided and peeled, there becomes many individual hair-like pieces of string-cheese. Chechil is an all natural product with no chemicals or preservatives and it is also fibrous and healthy. The shelf life of Chechil is 3 months. Each piece weighs 8 ounces (2 pieces per pound), which is enough to last through your weekend party. Refrigerate after opening.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 x 5 x 2 in

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